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  Thought of the Month: "Let us love the children, not just in thought or word, but in action"

The 2014 Focus Topic Agenda Schedule is now available. Click Here to find out which topics will be discussed throughout the coming year.

Our 2013 Holiday Party raised $31,489 thanks to sponsors Cassidy Turley, McGladrey, Pride Staff, California Bank & Trust, SkyRiverIT, Procopio and Barney & Barney. We were able to make grants of $70,000 to organizations who support the abused and neglected children of San Diego. To find out more about Day for Change see the website dayforchange.org or call Hal Dunning at 858-587-7527.

Our Mission

To freely exchange expertise, ideas and career experiences so that we can grow professionally, do the best job possible and by doing so enhance our value to our respective organizations.

A Little Background

The CFO Roundtable is a non-profit organization founded in San Diego, California, in 1996. Its membership consists primarily of Chief Financial Officers and people in similar positions from companies of all sizes. The CFO Roundtable was started because it was felt that there was a need for a forum where CFOs could gather and share information, experiences, successes, and the inevitable failures as peers in an informal, non-threatening environment.

The CFO Roundtable exists to serve all financial management personnel nationwide so that each financial manager may become a more valuable contributor at his or her organization.

Contact Information

If you are sort of "one of a kind" in your organization in the financial management area and would appreciate second opinions, or access to additional resources, please do contact us to see how we might help. If you are interested in joining the CFO Roundtable organization, simply contact Hal Dunning using any of the means below.

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